Sportello and Drink, Fort Point, South Boston

After trying out Barbara Lynch’s B&G, No. 9 and The Butcher Shop, we finally made it over to both Sportello and Drink in Fort Point. We just have haute cuisine restaurant Menton to left to try.

We sat right near the open kitchen and it was like we were sitting at the chef’s table. It was fascinating to watch the pasta preparation, multiple tastings with plastic spoons by the chefs and the final details made at the pass.

I really liked the clean atmosphere and bar like seating. We were shoulder to shoulder with diners which made it quaint (if you don’t mind intrusion of your personal space).  I would take friends back for another meal.

Salumi plate with croutons and dreamy fondue for $14

We shared the potato gnocchi with mushroom ragu, peas and cream for $22. The gnocchi was super tender and pillowy and I loved the creamy mushroom flavor.

The tagliatelle, bolonese and fried basil was a bit salty, but I loved the freshness of the fried basil for $24.

Drink is below Sportello and has been the talk of the town for handcrafted cocktails and sleek ambiance for quite sometime now. The bartenders wear smart vests and it feels as if you are walking into a modern speakeasy. You can request specific drinks or roll the dice and have the bartender select for you based on  your preferences (similar to perfume saleswomen).

I love the proper cubes of ice and most of the mid teen’s priced cocktails have them. Although, seating was difficult to attain, so we stood by the bar and squeezed into a spot near one of the many bartenders.

Drink sign

Sazerac and my Dark and Stormy

Menu board

I really enjoyed the cool ambiance and lighting. The crowd had a lot of professionals, women in cocktail dresses and men in suits. I’ve instructed friends to go on their first dates here to impress.

Next time I return, I plan to try some of the appetizers including the french fries with malt vinegar aioli, grilled cheese with caramelized onion mustard and steak tartare with brioche, truffle parmesan aioli.

Sportello on Urbanspoon

Drink on Urbanspoon

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