Salts Restaurant, Cambridge

The moment I walked into Salts Restaurant, I knew I was in thoughtful hands. The service is world-class and the wait staff, chef Gabriel and owner Analia are evidently passionate and proud of the work they do. I would describe this meal as elegant, but unpretentious, the right cross between familiarity and being highly memorable.

We had a reserved corner table covered with silver confetti (to denote the celebration) near low lit candles.  We decided to indulge in the tasting menu with wine pairings. and every seat in this little house was filled.

Our server was from Columbia and she was very informed about the locale and origins of every wine. The meal was like a great story, captivating introduction, incremental and steady steps to the peak of the mountain and a careful descend to the end. My senses were evoked and I really appreciated how well the meal was orchestrated.

My two favorite wines served were 2006 Rene Mure “Tradition”, Pinot Gris Alsace, France and 2008 Foxglove, Chardonnay Edna Valley, California. They have fruity tones; melon and pineapple and paired well with the hamachi and beet salad.

The first course was the fresh hamachi, with a citrus soy and paper-thin cut radishes. There was nice balance between the salt of the fish, tang of the citrus and saltiness of the soy. Most of the seasonal produce of our meal is from a farm in Canterbury, NH, near the Shaker’s Village.

Wild Japanese Hamachi

The goat cheese bavois was an airy and was paired with walnuts and three types of beets; golden, red and striped beets. The red were the most sweet of the three and the vegetables were also served with a curry wine reduction jam.

Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad Goat Cheese Yogurt “Bavois”

The local cod was a sophisticated version of fish and chips with coleslaw. The soft carrots, turnips paired well with the mustard seeds and cabbage slaw.

Roasted Local Cod and Petite Root Vegetables

Various salts including red clay Hawaii, Lebanon and Israel

Our next course was engulfed in a glass cover which held smoke. The chef unveiled the beef with a mushroom, carrot puree and a short rib cannelloni. My favorite salt with the smokey beef was the red clay, bringing out the earthiness of the meat.The short rib cannelloni was a thin potato wrapping around shreds of short rib. Within the complexities of this entree, I wish I had more cannelloni.

Painted Hills Organic Beef, Short Ribs Potato “Cannelloni”, King Oyster Mushroom, Carrots, Sauce Bordelaise

Cookie crumb and ice cream, nice intermission before the real dessert. The cool tangerine sorbet was surrounded by green tea flavored cookie crumbs.

Matcha cookie powder and tangerine sorbet

The almond milk flavored ice cream and a sweet pastry crust and almond clafoutis.

 Assorted chocolate and brownies, compliments of Salts.

Salts on Urbanspoon

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